Jazmine P
Amazing My 4pregnancy and by far the best ultrasound! The tech was so sweet and professional. And it was set up perfectly for our family. Made our 3 small children feel very welcomed will definitely be back!!
Amy S
best experience!! This was my first 3d ultrasound and was very impressed they had the cutest set up it was comfortable for my family I was so nervous of having my 2 yr old there but they had toys to play with. The lady doing the ultrasound was so sweet she took very good care of us. I absolutely recommend going here to anyone and everyone the only thing I wish for is that I knew about this place sooner :-)
Chayanne S
I love stork visions! Had a great experience with a friendly lady. Very comfortable in the room and loved seeing my little one on the big screen.
Destinie W
Very Comfotable and Happy My experience at Stork Vision was great! I went in with a full bladder as described in the "suggested things to do before appointment" email. Our ultrasound tech did a few pictures to set up then let me use the bathroom which I was so thankful for! The atmosphere is very comfortable and the large screen helps tremendously when seeing your bundle of joy. We also got a heartbeat stuffed animal and it's awesome! I'm still in awe of the heartbeat and I can't wait for our little girl to hear it one day! Highly recommend Stork Vision. We will definitely be back when the due date is closer.
Kylie S
Love love love!!! I knew going in that my baby is CRAZY stubborn but she got some amazing pictures of my baby girl and I couldn't be more happy!
Wonderful Experience We were very happy with our experience to find out our baby's gender! The establishment is clean and comfortable. The viewing room is fantastic!
Stefani S
3D ultrasound We came to the facility for our 3d ultrasound of our baby boy at 27 weeks 5 days. Everyone was incredibly friendly and a pleasure to deal with. The pictures we received were great and just overall had a fantastic experience!I would definitely recommend this place to any expecting mamas!
Devin J
Gender reveal Did a very good job helping keep it a surprise for us! Very nice, kind people and a clean facility.
Kayla C
Very comfortable The facility was amazing! Plenty of room for the family, and very comfortable!
Kaitlin B
Loved it ! It was an amazing experience and totally worth it. I'd do it again and again and cAnt wait until our 3D!
Ra’von S
Amazing! This was the coolest thing I've ever done! The room was cozy and inviting and the ladies were super nice. My husband and I loved to watch our little man move around inside of me. Such an amazing experience. definitely something I would do again!
Jessica G
Big Thumbs Up! I seriously can't say enough good things about our recent appointment! I brought along my mother, both of my grandmother, and my 2 year old son and they all felt very welcome and comfortable! Cozy room for everybody and of course kid friendly, which was such a relief! Our sonographer was so patient and friendly! Not to mention the big flat screen tv on the wall made viewing for everyone easy! What a great experience!
Erin S
Amazing! We were reluctant to spend the money to go to Stork Vision over the weekend, but after realizing we would have to wait 5 more weeks to find out at our dr appt, and striking up a deal with a friend, we have no regrets! The staff was amazing, they had toys and snacks for our toddler, and the comfort was unbeatable.... not to mention seeing our baby on a HUGE tv screen. For those that live near a stork vision and are thinking of going.... DO IT!!
shaeyla z
Amazing!!! After months and months of frustating ultrasounds. We decided to go to storks. Not even five minutes in we finally got to see our baby boys face. The staff was amazing. We talked and laughed and smiled the whole time. It was worth every penny.
Jacquila M
Great experience! Totally loved the privacy and cozy environment, both ladies were very pleasant and we received plenty of pictures and our two children loved the big screen!!
Chrissy Davis
Awesome! An absolutely wonderful experience! I can't say enough good things about Cathy & the rest of the staff! Thank you for the amazing experience and memories!
Tammy K
Loved it!! Very nice and friendly staff! Spent lots of time with me, gave me pictures and disc! Took my 2 children and was very accommodating!
Amazing experience! Such a fun and comfortable experience with great staff all around, and worth every penny! Book yours today! We have been twice during this pregnancy and cherish every photo and video clip we received.
Bethany S
awesome experience! We had a wonderful experience with Stork Vision! I couldn't wait to find out what our first born was so we decided to do a gender ultrasound at 16 weeks. The tech (I can't remember her name) was amazing and so sweet! Our baby boy was shy at first but she worked him around to see what he was hiding. Totally worth the drive from Grand Island to Omaha! Thank you again Stork Vision!
Terra P
Great experience, friendly staff We have used Stork Vision for both of my pregnancies and love it! The staff is always friendly and we love being able to share the experience with our parents as well.
joselyn r
Awsome Everyone there was amazing. The lady doing the ultrasound was very kind and detailed on what she was doing i highly recomend this place! Amazing service!!
JaKLyn G
Great experience at Stork Vision We loved our visit at Stork Vision. The tech was great and made sure to seal the gender up well in a peak proof envelope for us.
Amy K
Great experience, highly recommend! We could not determine gender at our routinely scheduled appointments with our doctor. So we scheduled an appointment with Stork Vision on our way through town - we were extremely pleased with their facility and professionalism. It took just a few minutes to determine gender, which was our main goal! We also got some great photos and videos at a very affordable price. Thank you so much for the wonderful service, we would highly recommend this company for any elective ultrasound needs!
Kasey B
More than expected I lost my husband in October when I was 5 weeks pregnant. I couldn't wait to find out the gender so that I could do a reveal picture at his grave sight and to get a heart beat bear in memory of him always here! The staff were absolutely amazing and honored everything I asked for! They made the ultrasound personal and it was a very enjoyable environment for me and my 3 year old daughter! I would definitely recommend others to come here and I would come again!
Chastity P
This place is amazing I have went to stork with 2 of my kids they are always so nice and do a wonderful job!! :)
Wonderful experience! We had a phenomenal experience at Stork Vision, and would return again in a heartbeat! We not only found out our baby was a GIRL, but they wrapped a little ornament (this was holiday time) up for us to open together to experience the surprise! The tech was also very reassuring when I told her about my fears of being told the wrong gender - she said she was 100% certain, and she was right! Our OB u/s confirmed it a few weeks later at our 20 week scan. Wonderful place!
Racheal J
C I went for a secret gender reveal, the scan went great and the staff went above and beyond to make us happy and to make sure that we saw everything we wanted and that it was all put on a DVD for us. I would definitely come back! Thank you stork vision!!
Tina F
Thank you! We had a great experience. The ladies were very friendly and we're able to determine what we were having. The room and the bed was very cozy. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone 😊
Kaylee H
Awesome experience Absolutely loved Stork Vision Omaha! They were amazing and so professional! Can't thank them enough for helping us see the gender of our second child. I highly recommend them :)
Jodi G
Baby Girl We felt truly blessed to have the experience we did with Stork Vision. Our gal was amaxing and took her time. We were so impressed! Thank you so much.
erendida n
16 week princess prince ultrasound Had a great time at my ultrasound found out im having a baby boy :) great place would highly recommend it..
Michaela V
16+ week gender ultra sound I had a great experience with this ultra sound! She was super nice and was very patient with my wild little man to get the perfect pictures of him! Even got more pictures than I had expected!
Kourtney W
Amazing Visit!! We can't thank you enough for going above and beyond for the ultra sound for my daughters twin babies!It was worth the drive and definitely worth the money. When we posted some of our pics and our experience with Facebook, some of our friends were very interested in hearing about Stork Vision. We highly recommend Stork Vision to anyone. Thank you for being so wonderful!!God Bless!!!
Emerald M
LOVED I had such a good time while I was there and by the time I left I felt that we had all become friends! I will definitely be coming to stork vision with my next child and I will also be recommending stork vision to all my friends and family in the future!!
Shannon W
Wonderful experience! I purchased the platinum package and had my first viewing. Amazing just how much my daughter is like her dad, even in utero. Can't wait for my next visit (3D/4D)!!!
Justina K
Super satisfied I am very impressed with Stork Vision, we were so skeptical about spending all the money and the road trips down but it was SO worth it. They made our experience great! And ensured we got to get a good peek at our baby girl! They were lovely! Definitely worth the money! I will be returning with next kiddo!
Morgan L
amazing Me and my husband came here to find out the gender after my doctor said he couldnt tell. We drove from fremont and it was the best decition ever now we know that we are gonna have a baby boy and we couldn't be happier!!
Paige M
Great experience! We drove about two hours and it was absolutely worth it!
Jennifer C
16 week gender We had a great experience and the sonographer was GREAT!!! She was very sweet and easy to talk to. The facility was quiet and perfect for a family with children. My son had toys to play with and could have cared less we were there. Loved everything about it.

2015 Stork Vision Omaha Reviews

Sierra B
AMAZING! Im so glad I went to Stork Vision. From the minute I walked in I felt comfortable. The staff was so friendly and welcoming! I went in to have my gender ultrasound and she told me Im having a boy! She made sure the baby moved around so she could get multiple pictures for me. She also did a great job of explaining exactly what I was looking at. I would recomend Stork Vision to anyone that wants to find out the gender as early as possible. Overall my experience was amazing!
Kristi N
I have gone to stork vision to find out both genders of my 2 kids! I love the staff, the pictures, the disc keepsake and the big screen!!
Jessica C
Absolutely Amazing. We went in on Saturday at 17 weeks for our gender reveal. We felt so welcome from the moment we stepped foot in the door. Once Meagan took us back to our room, we felt right at home. Plenty of room for a whole family, even though there were only two of us. We expected only for 2D pictures so we were extremely thankful for the 4D pictures we got of our little man! It was so great how Meagan went out of her way to get pictures from every angle of him. Only downfall is that when we got our CD, it only had a couple of pictures on it, when we were told we would get 20-25. Despite the minor hiccup there, we could not be more pleased with Stork Vision & we will definitely be back! Thank you Stork Vision for giving us this wonderful memory we will hold closely forever! The day we had our appointment, we found out we were going to be getting another niece or nephew, due the day before us, so I will definitely be getting them an appointment with Stork Vision as a Christmas present! SO pleased with Stork Vision!!
Brianne B
Highly Recommend Stork Vision Cathy was awesome and made us feel at home!!! I cannot wait to go back in a few weeks for our gender reveal ultrasound!
Jamie D
Awesome experience!! We were so happy and thrilled with this experience. We were Able to see the baby and find out gender while getting tons of pictures and videos. It was worth every penny! Very happy customers
You won't be disappointed We went at 16 weeks to find out the sex of our baby. The ultrasound tech was wonderful and spent a lot of time showing us our baby. We had 10 people there with us to find out and everyone was able to be in the room with us. The tech could tell right away we were having a girl and took 60 pictures for us on a disc to take home. It was well worth it to find out 4 weeks early!! Highly recommend!!
Katherine O
Highly Reccommend! We did the gender double check ultrasound and it was a great experience! The staff is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I'm glad we did this extra ultrasound and got to see our baby girl once more before her arrival.
Deanna Boswell
We had the best experience! Thank you so much for an amazing experience to share with our first two children. We really felt like we were extra special customers and we didn't feel rushed at all. We'll never forget our visit. Thanks!
Great experience! We have gone to Stork Vision for all 3 of our pregnancies and have always had a GREAT experience!!
Such a great place! We had such a great experience at Stork View Omaha! I loved that they had toys in the ultrasound room to accommodate for the little brother and sisters to be. My husband was impressed with how comfortable the entire experience was. I loved that we could just watch the baby and not focus on getting the anatomy images. It was a great experience!!
Angelica W
Definitely worth the money Stork Vision was so good to us! My fiance and I made an appointment and our daughter just did not want to show us her face. They let us come back and again she did not want to show us her face! They let us come back a third time and if she didnt show her full face they were not going to charge us at all but she showed her face and they got great shots of our beautiful little girl. They are all very welcoming and make you feel right at home. The facility is beautiful and the ultrasound room is spacious and comfortable for mom, dad, and a few family members. An overall fantastic experience with NOTHING bad to report. I was scared of the price at first but it was a fantastic experience. Definitely worth the money. Thank you ladies!
impressed! I LOVED how comfy the place and room was. Everybody was so lovely. I really loved being able to enjoy it being strictly about baby rather than for medical. The time was focused on letting you be able to see your baby for who the little one really is! I loved it and can't wait to go back! My fiancé's mom, sister and my best friend went with us! It's super awesome for family to get to go as well.
Laurie J
Highly Recommend My husband & I chose to do an elective ultrasound at 18 weeks to find out the sex of our baby early & it was by far one of the best experiences we've had! The office is warm and inviting and everyone that works there is so friendly and welcoming! We brought our 6 year old daughter with us and she was very excited and hyper and they did great with her as well! If we have another child we will for sure be going back :) highly recommend!!!
Amazing! A must-do for every pregnancy! Varied services to suit every wish! Excellent staff, very easy to schedule, and cutest office.
Haya K
Absolutely loved this place. Stork Vision is an awesome place. My husband and I absolutely loved it. I'm really glad we decided to find out the gender here. My parents came with and they even loved it here. Even the prices are great. Overall 5 stars doesn't even begin to explain it. I'm very happy with my experience and I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a memorable experience.
Megan D
So worth it! We had such a great experience at Stork Vision! Everyone was so polite and professional. It's amazing to see your baby on such a huge screen and we got tons of pictures! It was worth every penny!
Elizabeth K
AWESOME! I had a remarkable experience here. Our tech was wonderful with me and to my other kids. They had toys for them and were so friendly to us. I scheduled my next appointment the same day. I am so happy with Stork Vision and can't wait to go again for the gender reveal!
Ashley L
great service Loved the staff the receptionist was very friendly and the tech went out of her way to get the best possible pictures. the room was amazing big tv so you can see well and very comfortable! I recommend everyone who wants an ultrasound to go there!
kaitlyn f
AWESOME! I loved our visit! From the time we walked in the door until we left, staff were so friendly and welcoming. The ultrasound was everything I'd hoped it'd be.
Whitney S
2D double check They were so nice. Felt like you knew them. You could tell she really knew her stuff and was experienced. Very thankful and left very excited and comforted
Joanna W
Ultra Sound Awesome & such a cozy place to reveal our little prince!
Connie P
Great service Great place and great people. Super nice and accommodating. I went in for a gender re-check, baby wasn't very cooperative for them. The gals made sure what baby is.
Kayla O
Lovely Day Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Location was very easy to find and parking was no issue at all. They were running 15 minutes behind but not a problem since on both sides their are baby stores! the bed was very comfortable and the room was big enough for a large group. Very nice experience and enjoyed an out of town discount since they are the only place near us to have a 3D ultrasound done.
So Glad I did this! We went in for the 16 week gender reveal with family. It was such an amazing experience. Cant wait for my 3rd trimester 3d/4d this weekend!
Brye T
Most wonderful experience ever! My parents came into town and scheduled an appointment for a gender reveal. This is my first pregnancy so, I am new to it all! From the time we entered, we were made to feel at home. This place is full of positive energy and wonderful people. My experience here was the happiest day of my life so far. It's a girl!
Kylie S
So worth it! On my third child it was so worth it to make this appointment! The tech spent so much time getting the perfect shots of my little boy. After my dr was unable to give me a for sure gender, stork vision was! I'm so glad we made the appointment, and so is my husband. If you're questioning booking it, just DO IT! It will be the best money and time spent seeing your little one on the big screen and feeling him Move at the same Time!
Excellent! Great, friendly service! Our sonographer, Melissa, took the time to coax our little lady into position and captured some great pictures of her face even though baby did not want to cooperate! The ultrasound room was comfortable and we were able to include the four grandparents in the experience as well!
Trisha W
very pleased! Had a great experience the lady was super friendly and made us feel very comfortable! Would definitely recommend to friends and family!
Chelsea K
3D/4D Ultrasound My husband and I had the ultrasound done this weekend. We are so happy that we decided to do this! The ultrasound tech was amazing and made everyone feel comfortable. We were able to bring our immediate family along with us which also made it more special for us. Thank you Stork Vision for the wonderful experience!! :)
Calee S
Amazing Experience We loved our visit! Our doctor wasn't able to tell us for sure after our 20 week visit, but we were finally able to get an's a girl! We were able to see our sweet baby moving and stretching. It was such a wonderful moment. We'd definitely go back!
Erica J
Great service and great images. It was so much fun to get to see our little one! The staff was very kind and took her time with finding the images.
Rachel W
Great experience! Definitely worth going!
Tina H
Awesome Service! Stork Vision was an absolutely amazing experience. First, they were running a monthly special and when trying to sign up for that certain special, there were no appointments available. However, they were able to make accommodations for me and was able to get me and my family in that same day so they could honor the special. Our pictures were awesome and we received over 80 pictures on a CD along with a DVD of the entire appointment live. They provided a comfortable atmosphere and the technician was awesome! She was very knowledgeable, funny, and made us feel welcomed. I would recommend this place, hands down, without a doubt.
Cassie F
29.5 weeks Staff was very friendly! Loved that the heartbeat animals were 50% off, so I was able to purchase this with my 3d/4d ultrasound package! The tech was fabulous and VERY friendly! My little stubborn girl wasn't cooperating and she had her feet and hands over her face, but the tech was great at trying to get her to move and get a few good shots! Absolutely love that you can watch her open and close her eyes and mouth! Great experience and I'd recommend it to my friends/ family!
Sierra L
Awesome Experience My husband and I had a wonderful visit along with his parents joining us so they can see what Baby Long #2 will be. It was nice how she pointed out every move and it was just great. :) Thank You!!!
Bendina Thomas
Great experience I loved every bit of my experience. Great communication before the appointment. The ultrasound tech was amazing. The set up was nice. Great atmosphere. Very nice people.
Argelis H
3D My kids really enjoyed seen there little brother today. You guys made us feel welcoming and it was beautiful seen my baby. Thank you so much for giving us a chance to see baby Jonathan.
Jennifer Henning
A wonderful experience! We were very impressed with Stork Vision Omaha! We have been blessed to see our little girl weekly at our high risk ob's office however, this was a unique opportunity to involve and share our blessing to our families. It was such a warm, accommodating, nice atmosphere with excellent staff and great equipment. I foresee us using Stork Vision until our little girl arrives as an additional bonding moment for the grandparents who loved seeing her! I will HIGHLY recommend Stork vision to every expecting parent I meet. Thank you SO much Cathy!!
Shelby P
Amazing My husband and I had such a wonderful experience at Stork Vision. We hadn't seen our baby at all yet and I'm kind of an anxious mommy. Our ultrasound tech spent extra time with us making sure we got some amazing images to share with our family. I am still in awe that we found out we are having a little baby girl, due in June! I cannot say enough good things about Stork Vision, we plan on returning for a 3D ultrasound later on with our parents.
Hannah N
Great service! The woman who did my ultrasound was super nice and did her job well!
Lindsey Williams
Great Experience! Everyone made us feel welcome as soon as we walked in! Very enjoyable experience. Even my husband was very impressed! Well worth the money! Very glad we opted to get a gender ultrasound done!
Jamie G
Great experience! We had a wonderful experience at our ultrasound. Our technician was wonderful and very helpful with explaining what she was doing and seeing. Thank you so much for the great experience.
Kylla S
More than expected My husband And I drove 5 hours to see the sex of our baby. We arrived early, was greeted by a wonderful woman, and taken back about 20 minutes early, which impressed me in the city! The facility is just like home, nothing like a hospital. It was clean, colorful, and comfortable. There wasn't a thing out of place. The experience took some time which was baffling to us as we figured it'd be and in and out operation. I really got to know my sonographer, her lifestyle, children and all that. Also, viewing my baby on a 60 INCH TV was wayyyy better than any medical ultrasound screen. She explain everything to us. I study premed at the time, and we were able to connect and have good conversation over like minded topics. My husband was so amazed that we are coming back if and when we have more children. 5 stars does not do this facility or it's beautiful owner justice. After well more than a half hour, we finally completed our session with a DVD many photos, video clips, and a few 3D! She then gave us a goodie bag filled with all sorts of items and also a travelers discount for our total that was due. This is above and beyond what we expected and I will recommend everyone to make the 5 hour trip just for the amazing experience!!!! Thank you so much Stork Vision of Omaha!
Lestina B
Heartfelt moment I had a wonderful experience. The staff was caring and was able to show me some awesome footage of my little princess. It was a memorable experience in a comfortable setting. I would recommend this place.
Elvira R
Awesome experience I loved every moment! :-)
Kelsey M
GREAT EXPERIENCE I was referred by a friend and so happy I was. They made you feel so welcome and made the whole process extremely comfortable and fun!
Paige B
Overall Amazing Experience I have not one single complaint about the overall visit with Stork Vision. The staff was great, and the environment as well. Received a TON of great photos. Highly Recommended!
katie k
Great Service Our tech was great and worked to get great pictures of the baby! Very Friendly! Definitely worth the money!!
Brittany C
Gender Scan I'm so glad I made a appointment here! I got to see my baby and it put my mind at ease. The staff was so friendly and accommodating.
Kaylee W
Wonderful Experience The feel as soon as you walk in the door at stork vision is caring and comfortable. Its beautifully decorated on the inside. The woman who did my ultrasound was extremely friendly and made seeing the baby very enjoyable. Will definitely be going back for future babies.
Ashley Brammer
Amazing experience! My husband and I were beyond pleased with our 16 week gender reveal ultrasound at Stork Vision!!! Very welcoming environment and friendly staff! We will definitely be returning later on in our pregnancy for 3D/4D! :)
Helga G
Great Atmosphere for Expecting Moms This is the second pregnancy I visit Stork Vision to get images of my babies before born and I love the way the staff treated me and my family. I enjoyed the room setup and how easy the appointment setup was.
Sara J
Wonderful experience We had a great time at Stork Vision. The staff were very polite and a pleasure to be around. So much fun seeing our little baby!
Sarah R
EXCELLENT Thank you so much!!!
Indu Marina M
The best!! Review of Stork Vision Sonographer My sonographer was super nice and I had the best experience! Its nothing like a cold hospital/clinic room. The have cozy rooms and exellent service. Defenitly going there again :)
Ashlee M
gender reveal This was a very nice place to take my family and experience it on the big screen! It was awesome loved it!
Amy K
Great Place! Loved going here for our gender reveal ultrasound. The staff was very friendly and made our whole experience there enjoyable and special!
Lindsy Y
3D /4D ultra sound We really enjoyed our experience thank you for everything
Amy R
Amazing!! We went in at 18 weeks to do a gender determination ultrasound. It was so great! We wanted to keep it a surprise for a reveal later that day and had so much fun with it. The tech was amazing and worked as best she could to get great images for us to share. This is our second visit, our first was a 3D with our now 4 year old, and we have loved both experiences!!
Shae F
Amazing staff and immediate results! Thank you for making my visit at Stock Vision Omaha a great one! We brought family with us and there was plenty of room for everyone. The room was very comfortable and the staff was welcoming. We found out the gender of our baby and it was so nice seeing her sweet face. Thank you to everyone there and I will defiantly be recommending you to other mamas.
Katelyn H
Gender Reveal! My husband and I had an absolutely amazing experience at Stork Vision! We will definitely be recommending them to others and also returning in the future!
Erin K
Gender Ultrasound My husband and I came in for an early gender ultrasound for our fourth baby. Such a welcoming environment. Staff was super nice and knowledgable. We received amazing pictures of our little one and couldn't have asked for a better experience! I would recommend Stork to anyone!
Ms M
So Nice & Persistent We went to Stork Vision because we were dying to find out whether we were having a boy or girl. When it was time for the ultrasound, the baby was tangled up like a yoga instructor and we couldn’t see a thing. Our tech was awesome. She helped put me at ease and gently but persistently poked and prodded the baby until it moved into a better position. We were able to find out we are having a girl, and I couldn’t be more excited! Highly recommend!
A wonderful experience! My husband and I went to find out the gender for our first baby and had the best time at Stork Vision. The rooms were comfortable and the tv’s were big and perfect for viewing our little baby. The people who helped us were amazing and so excited to help us see our baby. We would definitely recommend it to anyone!
Stephanie L
Amazing! The girls at stork vision were so great! Very professional and sweet to our kids! Accommodated then by having lots of toys and books to keep them busy while we got to see the new baby. They were really wonderful and worth every penny!
Dawn J
Amazing visit!! The staff there were super friendly and amazing to work with. My husband and I went in for a gender ultrasound and they did not disappoint. It was a wonderful experience and we will be going back in the future!
Wendy R
Excellent Service! This is the second pregnancy we use Stork Vision and absolutely love it! The staff is very friendly and the environment relaxing! I wouldn't hesitate to continue to use them in future if we decide to have more babies!
Megan S
Awesome Time My husband and I came in for a gender peek before the holidays. Baby was stubborn and didn't want to show off but they were patient and made sure we were walking out knowing if it was a boy or a girl. Even though it wasn't the outcome we were hoping for, everyone-from the office staff to the ultrasound tech-were all incredibly awesome! Would definitely recommend!
Jaimee M
Gender Reveal Did a great job! Very patient, kind, and knowledge.
Shiloh A
Great place! The women I worked with are very friendly and professional. I enjoyed both of our visits and would recommend it to anyone!
Kailie H
Wonderful! The ladies working were so sweet and personable and the whole experience was outstanding!
Nikki M
Outstanding! My husband and I loved the facility! Everyone was so nice and we adored how cozy the room was. Having the screen be so big was awesome too!
Dulce C
10/6/2017 My family and I had an outstanding experience at our appointment with Stork Vision!! My husband and I were extremely satisfied with our gender revealing appointment. I would certainly recommend Stork Vision to all my friends and family. Thank you guys for a wonderful service !
Paige K
We loved it!! Friendly atmosphere, nice staff! It was well worth our 2 hour drive there. We will be going back!
Corinne R
Baby girl We loved our experience at stork vision! Our little one was being stubborn and the ultrasound tech worked really hard so we could know babes gender!! It made it feel all so real! I loved seeing her kick, yawn, and wiggle around! The pictures we received are amazing, and I was just shy of 17 weeks! Thank you so much stork vision!
Sadie C
Wonderful experience! My husband and our children were very excited to see our little muffin one more time before we will have her in our arms. What a wonderful facility and great family atmosphere. My children (age 11 and 5) even enjoyed the experience and it was very well worth it to us as a family. Great people and great time :)
Judy O
Amazing Experience It was an amazing experience, I highly recommend this place.
Unforgettable Experience We had an amazing experience at Stork Vision. The inviting, cozy, and intimate setting made for such a meaningful reveal that we will never forget!
Wendy A
Gender Confirmation On October 7th, me and my husband had an appointment just to get a confirmation of our baby's gender. We had an amazing experience with Stork Vision. It's such a relaxing and welcoming environment. They have a big screen TV that allows you to get a better look at your little one. My 3 year old son went along with us and they had toys for him to play with and keep him occupied. At the end we got a bunch of great pictures and a DVD, as well as a goodie bag wigh lots of gift cards for many different items and 2 MAM bottles and 2 binkies. I LOVED it! I will definitely recommend everyone I know! 😁😁
Brandi W
Amazing Everyone at Stork Vision was amazing! The babies father was away and not able to call until a little past our appointment and the ultrasound tech made it a point to wait until he called so he could be apart of it. She was honestly amazing and so nice! I definitely will go back again in the future!
Cassandra L
Wonderful The staff were delightful and awesome. They truly cared about my experience. Would recommend this to anyone.
Bethany B
Amazing! I had such a great experience at Stork Vision! I was disappointed after my ultrasound with my OB so decided to go to Stork Vision and am so happy I did! They were so incredibly kind and made my experience there more than worth it!
Sasha J
Great experience I loved my visit at Stork Vision! I wasn't expecting them to spend so much time with me, and I got to see so many angles and fun pictures of my little guy!! Great place
Arielle M
Awesome experience We had such a great time for our 2D gender ultrasound! You can tell that the people who work here love what they do and the set up was very comfortable. They were able to discreetly find the gender (we have a reveal planned) right away and then we got to spend the time watching the baby! I would recommend to anyone.
Devon B
3D ultrasound I absolutely loved everything and they are so nice! I had some of my family there. The experience was amazing.
Joni W
Great experience This was such a great experience for our entire family to witness. Cathy was so interactive and made it a perfect moment!
Amy W
Awesome staff and environment We visited last year in Oct and this year again in Oct. I’m from out of town and they made an opening for me since I was going to be in town that day. I was so happy to be able to see my baby and confirm gender. It wasn’t rushed and she took her time which was awesome. I really appreciated the whole experience and would definitely recommend them! We got a discount from being out of town and we got an adorable stuffed animal with a heartbeat. Thanks everyone!
Abagail B
Loved my experience I was so happy with stork vision, I had a very stubborn baby and they were kind enough to take extra time out of their day to continue trying to find out my baby’s gender. I would definetely recommend them to all the mamas who are too anxious to wait like I was.
Chelsea D
Amazing! My husband and I could not have been happier with our experience at Stork Vision! Everyone was friendly and the ultrasound tech was amazing, she went above and beyond to get us the best pictures of our baby!
Yajaira V
Gender 2d Tech was fast at finding baby's gender. We are expecting a baby girl. I was losing hope during ultrasounds with my Dr they could not tell gender of baby. Now thanks to Omaha Stork Vision I can be more prepared for baby's arrival.
Kayla T
Loved the Entire Experience! Everything about the visit was amazing! The receptionist and the Tech are very friendly! The whole office is very warm, welcoming and relaxing! Your experience will leave you in amazement!
Caroline J
Even better than expected! My husband and I just went in to be sure about gender, but got so much more than that. Such a comfortable environment! Big screen tv so you can see everything clearly! Wonderful staff who were so friendly! I have already recommended this to several family members!
Jessica K
Service Great experience, very relaxed environment. We brought our 4 year old with and all the staff were great with her and they had toys in the room for her to play with.
Ashley T
16 week gender Amazing staff!
Monica G
Best experience ever! Stork Vision gives you a once in a life time chance to see your baby in 3D! You also get pictures and a DVD of your little one. I watch mine all the time! The techs are very patient and kind. My baby was asleep and the tech lovingly woke her up! I would do this again in a heartbeat! 10/10!
Amazing experience! We went in at 16 weeks to find out gender. I knew that it was a possibility they wouldn't be able to determine it but they did a very thourough job of getting different angles to confirm a baby girl! It was an incredible experience to feel at home and be able to just watch our baby wiggle around for 20 minutes. HIGHLY recommend Stork Vision at least once during pregnancy!
Tiffany B
Excellent Experience I had the best experience for my gender reveal. I wanted to keep the gender a secret so my husband and I wouldn't know until we had our gender reveal party. It was such an amazing experience. The experience was wonderful. I didn't feel rushed and to see my baby on a big screen was unreal. I will definitely go back when we have more babies!
Brielle H
5 star I had the best experience with you guys the other day. You did the best job and thank you for the gender of my baby girl. I couldn't be more excited than i'am at this moment.. Thank you very much
Sierra L
5 Stars I will always go back and our friends went with and they also liked it.
Katherine E
Amazing Stork vision was absolutely wonderful! It is super cute and clean which helped me feel extremely comfortable. There was also toys and space for our 2 year old to run around during the ultrasound. They were fantastic!
Amazing The staff was very friendly and didn't give up when my little was not cooperating they made it work!
Brenna V
Amazing This was an amazing experience. The atmosphere was much more cozy than a doctors office and it felt so much more personal. I am very happy we decided to go to Stork Vision. Thank you!
Alysa B
Amazing experience! I loved my visit to Stork Visit in Omaha! Checking in was a breeze and the room was so inviting! They had a big screen on the wall towards the foot of the bed and I was able to easily see right away if my baby was a boy or girl. She was very thorough & I felt very confident in her prediction by the time I left. The stuffed animal that plays my baby's heartbeat is adorable & will be a treasured keepsake! Thank you so much Stork Vision for an amazing experience!
Aliasha B
Very happy with my visit! 😊 I had an amazing experience this is my second time here during a different pregnancy both times were wonderful the ladies made me feel very comfortable and I left all smiles! Then I found out a few days later at my reveal party that I am expecting a baby boy! I couldn't be happier! And I thank the ladies there so very much!
kelli A
Amazing!!! I went to stork vision twice during my pregnancy and am completely satisfied. The ultrasound tech was amazing and was so awesome <3 will go back next pregnancy
Ashley R
Amazing experience Went to the 16+ week gender reveal and it was such an amazing experience! I would recommend anyone who is expecting to go here! My entire appointment was all about baby and getting the best pictures/videos.
Lauren T
Amazing Experience Stork Vision Omaha is amazing! Everyone is very nice and make the whole experience even better. I love being able to go there and see how my baby has grown at each visit!
Shelby B
Amazing experience! My husband and I really loved our experience at Stork Vision! Such a comfortable setting and everyone was so friendly!! We loved being able to have our daughter aka big sister and the grandparents along when we found out baby boy was joining our family!!!!
Stephanie S
Amazing Experience!! Cathy was amazing, and I am so glad we decided to make this trip! I have done nothing but raved about this place for the past week!! Absolutely satisfied!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
Alicia F
An Amazing Experience! We just had our second ultrasound with Stork Vision and this time it was our 4D and we loved it! Our experiences with Stork Vision have been so amazing and we are so glad to have had this opportunity to see our little boy twice more before his arrival! Thank you so much for making my family and I feel so comfortable! We will forever recommend you to our family and friends! <3
Tasha M
Awesome So friendly and attentive. It was more intimate than at the doctors office. Felt like I was getting it at home. I can't say enough good things about them. The people that work there are awesome.
Kaitlin B
Awesome!!! Everyone at stork vision is so nice!! The ultrasound techs are wonderful and we are so glad we decided to go to stork vision for our gender determination and 3D. Amazing :) thank you!
Kiley C
Baby Boy! So happy with my visit! The tech was very knowledgeable and helped answer all of my questions about my baby boy!
Abby K
Best Ever! This was the first time we ever did an ultrasound outside of the doctors office. This was one of our best experiences yet and we are so happy! The owner did our ultrasound and she was so friendly, she chatted with us the entire time, explained everything that was visible and overall it was a fun and exciting experience for us! We just did the ultrasound with the two of us but plan to come back for a 3-D with our close family and daughters after finding out there is lots of comfy space for family to join and view with us! We highly recommend Stork Vision to everyone!!!
Courtney L
Best Experience! Seeing our little peanut for the first time was amazing. The women at Stork Vision were so excited and happy to work with us. I am thankful for the opportunity to visit Stork Vision and I can't wait to go back!
Andrea M
Best experience anyone could get! I absolutely loved all of the staff and mine and my husbands experience with storks vision! Everyone was so nice and the whole environment was amazing! I will recommend them to everyone!
Samantha R
Coolest thing ever!!! Love seeing our little man on the big screen! My fiance, grandma and daughter just loved this experience. Thanks so much everything!!!
Tiffanie G
Couldn't be happier! I got the 3D/4D ultrasound as a birthday/Mother's Day present from my BF. Not only were we greated in a very friendly manor, but they also made the whole experience peaceful and enjoyable. We brought my family with (including my two nieces, two nephews, and my daughter) and even with all the kids there was no fuss. I loved how they even had toys in the ultrasound room so the kids didn't get bored. I will definitely be recommending Stork Vision to my pregnant friends!
Sarah E
Excellent service! Such an amazing experience! So friendly and polite!!!
Tarah S
Exceptional I would recommend these guys to anyone, they made my experience beyond amazing! Thank you!
Macie T
Great experience Everyone was very friendly and made us very comfortable! We loved being able to see our baby GIRL, and did not feel rushed. It was a great time see our baby and truly enjoy the experience.
Kyla Stark
Amazing! Everyone was extremely kind. Our baby was stubborn and wouldn't show her face for our 3D/4D ultrasound so they allowed us to come back! I would highly recommend Stork Vision to all pregnant moms!
Cassandra K
extremely happy We had a wonderful experience. Kathy was amazing, she was full of energy and extremely knowledgeable. She even gave us a 15 dollar travel discount.
Sarah E
Excellent service! Such an amazing experience! So friendly and polite!!!
Cara H
Gender double check Awesome experience!! Very family friendly too. Thank you for reassuring us!
Sarah E
Excellent service! Such an amazing experience! So friendly and polite!!!
Christine P
Gender reveal We had such an amazing experience with stork vision. I would reccomend them to anyone that is looking for a place for more ultrasounds!!
Rebecca W
Gender Ultrasound We had the most amazing experience here! Would definitely recommend to everyone!
Shalene S
Great experience I had an amazing time during my appointment. Can't wait to schedule my 3D/4D ultrasound!
Heidi V
Highly recommend Very cozy not in a hurry nice place
Josslyn S
Home away from home With baby #3 on the way I wanted to do a little extra and get the 3d ultrasound. The staff was absolutely AMAZING! It felt more like a home away from home with their hospitality and over all environment. They truly have an amazing job being able to show off little ones for expecting families. I will recommend this to anyone I know who is expecting! Thank you again! The teddy with baby's heartbeat inside was an AMAZING touch to it all.
Kayla T
I love Stork Vision! I have been to Stork Vision for 3D/4D Ultrasounds for both of my pregnancies and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. It is such a nice, comfortable environment. Everyone that works there is so friendly, and they do everything they can to make sure you get lots of great pictures and video of your little bundle of joy. I wouldn't go anywhere else for this experience!
Sonia C
It was great! I loved every part. I felt comfortable from the time she greeted me to the time I left. Highly recommended! You won't regret it!
Angela B
Kind, patient and caring Wonderful experience! Especially for a first time mom who's 43. Relaxed, professional environment. You are made a priority and you will not be disappointed.
Hannah H
Love! Went in to get my baby girl's heartbeat put into a stuffed animal. I didn't expect to see my baby girl on the ultrasound. It had been months since I had seen her last. It was such a wonderful treat. The lady was so kind and generous with her knowledge. I highly recommend stork vision to any expecting momma.
Chloe L
Loved it Will recommend to everyone!!!!
Melanee L
Lovely and exciting experience! Very comfortable setting and they were so accommodating in keeping the gender a secret and sealing it in an envelope. Stork vision was the first to know that our baby was a girl. :)
stork vision omaha gender
Alicia F
The Most Beautiful Experience! Our family had the most amazing time during our ultrasound at Stork Vision! We were able to find out the sex at a little over 16.5 weeks gestation which was our main reason for going. We were so thankful that we were able to bring along some of the people that mean the most to us! We brought home some amazing pictures and our son brought home a stuffed elephant with a recording of our baby boy's heartbeat! We cannot wait to return later in the pregnancy for the 3D/4D ultrasound!! The staff was so great and the environment was so cozy!! Thank you again!
Amy P
Very nice experience I really enjoyed having my 3d ultrasound at storkvision. The ladies were very nice and the tech spent a lot of time trying to get us the best pictures that she could. There was plenty of room for family, and it was a calming environment. I would definitely recommend Stork Vision Omaha.
Jennifer W
Great Experience We went in for a 12 week ultrasound and our 4 year old daughter was worried that it would "hurt" the baby. Our tech did a wonderful job including her and making her feel comfortable with the process. Thanks again for a great visit!
kelsey s
the best bundle this was my first experience at stork vision we did a 2d gender determination for our twins. the staff was super nice and i brought in a big hoard of people and they welcome them all with kindness and expertice :) im very pleased with them and i cant wait to go back for 3d/4d ultrasound
Melissa P
Very pleased I went there to confirm the gender of my baby as I was told baby was a girl. Well to my surprise baby is really a boy. I was so glad to go there and see. It is a very nice and relaxing place. There is snacks in the waiting room and when pregnant you always want a little snack right? LOL. I rate this place 5 starts for easy parking, easy to find, easy to get along with. Calming and friendly business.
Jessica H
Finally got some good US pics At the doctor, our ultrasound pics were not good at all. None of them were memory worthy. So we went to Stork Vision and boy are we glad we did. The employees were really nice, interactive, and caring. We made memories in that room alone besides getting some great pictures. The only thing that would have made it better was if it were longer :)
Mariah Y
Wonderful service Very professional. Love the card that told us it was a girl.
Paula R
Great visit This was an amazing experience! Can't wait to come back when I am 27 weeks for the 3/4D ultrasound! Thanks again
Andi D
Totally Worth Coming! Our families loved the time we sept at Stork Vison. Every employee was helpful and friendly. Watching our twin girls live was amazing and we will charish the DVD!
Amanda K
Great Experience! I had Cathy perform my ultrasound and it was a great experience! She was fun and patient with my curious 2 year old running around the room. She took the time to gey some great pictures and explain what I was looking at. The room was so comfortable and welcoming. Totally worth it to have these pictures to share and hold onto!!
What a great gift! This place is fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone! My husband and I were getting fed up listening to everyone try and project onto us what we were having-based off nothing more than old wives tales. So we decided to find out the gender early and keep it to ourselves for a while. It was so nice having that secret just between us! Stork Vision is very professional and very clean and the techs really know what they're doing. Jess was able to determine we were having a boy within the first two minutes! She answered all of our questions and we were with her for about a half hour. They even gave us a cd with the pictures and the video from the ultrasound. Totally worth it to us! Plus now we get to surprise all of our family members with the news. Thank you Stork Vision!
Shelly S
3D/4D Ultrasound Experience My sister purchased the 3D/4D ultrasound for me as a Mother's Day present. Stork Vision made it such a memorable experience. They sent the gift certificate promptly and had all of my information when I called to make my appointment. On the day of the ultrasound, the receptionist and technician were so welcoming. They made myself, my husband, and our parents feel so welcome and excited for this experience!
Bianka Mota
entire family enjoyed stork vision omaha Felt welcomed right away and enjoyed every minute of this amazing experience. Found out we are having another boy! Thank you stork vision
Valerie L
We had a WONDERFUL experience!!! We had a WONDERFUL experience!!! I love Stork Vision and would recommend them anyone as someone did for us. I was so happy to find Stork Vision and was able to make an appointment the same week. The staff was amazing, friendly and very professional. It was nice to not have the regular doctor setting and my fiancé and I loved the family feel room, which friends and family are also welcome so they can enjoy seeing your bundle of joy. My fiancé and I were able to find out what we are having before our 20 week doctor visit. We were also given a heartbeat giraffe as a gift, which we fell in love with. (They record the heartbeat of your baby and then place it into a giraffe, so you can hear it when you push the giraffe’s tummy.) I love how you're able to get a CD of pictures that allowed us to easily share the pictures with friends and family online. Definitely an experience you will remember and enjoy!
Rebecca F
Great experience! We had our gender scan today and i couldn't be happier with the tech and the pictures! The tech was very patient with my very active and talkative boys! She even gave each one a picture with their name on it! She took time to make sure she knew what the gender was for sure before telling me, which was nice. Looks like Im finally getting my girl after three boys! Thank you guys!
Kayla R
x I was so happy with the service, and the amount of time taken on my appointment. Dr's office ultrasounds are so quick and you don't really get much time to enjoy watching your baby move. I would highly reccommend anyone to visit you! :)
Samantha R
Gender Determination My husband and I had a wonderful experience at Stork Vision. Everyone was very friendly and made our visit so much fun!
Comfy and Professional We did a Prince/Princess package and were very impressed. The place was clean and the room was huge. We would definitely recommend this place.
Great experience! From the check in to check out, we had great service! The US tech was also amazing and made the whole time even more enjoyable! We loved the DVD and CD we got to take home that day, such a great memento of the whole experience!
Ashley T
Great experience! This place was fantastic! The tech was awesome to work with, even though our little one was in a funny position! The atmosphere was great - nice and relaxing! I will for sure go here again in the future! Thanks for the great experience!
Vanessa W
Excellent! This was our first baby and finding out the gender was extremely exciting! Stork vision not only made us feel Comfortable but made the experience memorable.
Katy A
Wonderful experience!! What an amazing feeling to see your baby in this way!! My husband and I were very comfortable the whole time and laughing and talking with the ultrasound tech. It was obvious that she loves what she does! I would recommend stork vision to any and every expecting couple!
Jamie C
D Great experience! Would definitely recommend for any other mom to be!
Love this place Love this place! Wish I would have went with my other two kids.
Hillarie B
Excellent service I am so thankful I found stork vision! They have provided amazing service to us twice now during my pregnancy!!
I appreciated the time the sonographer took to try to get the best pics possible of my lil guy. Although he was being quite stubborn and I have to return, I felt like she really took the time. I like that I didnt feel rushed and was treated like I mattered. Previous experience with 3D ultrasound in another state was rushed and not exciting for me. Thank you Stork Vision! Will be back soon hopefully my baby is cooperative this time!
Danielle L
Amazing experience Our sneak peek at 12 weeks 4 days was phenomenal! I couldn't believe how clear we could see baby so early on. The tech. was also very friendly and great to work with! Very accommodating to our busy schedules. Can't wait to find out the gender in 3 weeks!
Rebbecca E
I loved Stork Vision! My husband and I went in very impatient to find out the sex of our baby and we could not thank the staff at Stork Vision enough for providing us with such courtesy and great care. They were very nice and totally helpful. The ultrasound tech that we had was so fun and she explained everything we were seeing on the screen. We had a great experience with Stork Vision and will definitely be going back in the future! Thanks Stork Vision!
Silver W
Amazing Experience Everyone was very nice and professional. The ultrasound technician worked more time into my session to get the photos we wanted. Pricing is great!
Great experience! We really enjoyed our experience at Stork Vision. Wonderful staff!
Cindy L
Had a great time at Stork Vision We had our appointment at 2pm on a Monday for a 3D/4D. I was allowed to invite as many people as I would like. The lady at the front desk was very nice and welcoming when we first entered. The lobby also had snacks and refreshments for you to get situated. That was really nice, because as a pregnant lady I'm always thirsty. The technician that did our ultrasound was really sweet and dotted on our baby the entire time, making the visit very pleasant and fun. The best part about the visit was afterwards they would give you a swag bag with samples and bottles for baby, which was great, because it very unexpected. I highly recommend Stork Vision for their great service, friendliness, thoughtfulness, and cleanliness. Another thing I would also like to add that the 3D/4D visit was suppose to be only a 20-25 minute, but I'm guessing since we were the last customer of the day or maybe because we were out of town, our visit ended up to be over an hour and it was so awesome! We loved visiting with our baby for over an hour! Loved every minute of it!
Marie S
Great experience Everyone was very friendly and professional, was able to schedule an appointment without a long wait time, very nice kid-friendly facility, was overall a great experience
Ashley M
awesome! Stork vision in Omaha was awesome. I'm FROM Out Of Town But Wanted To Surprise My Mother IN Law WHiLE VISITING So We Took Her With US For A 16 Week UKTRASOUBD To FUND It gender. Our tech was super nice and it was an awesome experience.
Emily K
Great! Such a wonderful experience!
Whitney W
SURREAL EXPERIENCE Hi - My husband and I had the best experience at our ultrasound. Will will use you guys for future ultrasounds and spread the word on how awesome it was! Thank you so much for everything!
Shailynn d
amazing!!!! My boyfriend and I loved our experience with you at Stork Vision, we will definitely be back with future pregnancies
Jessi S
Great experience! The staff were all very sweet! It was a great and comfortable experience and I would highly suggest Stork Vision to friends and family! Thank you!
Marta H
Awesome experience! Just went in for a gender reveal at 17 weeks and it was an amazing experience! The staff was super friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend to any mama to be :)
A+! I will absolutely recommend Stork Vision to my friends and family! I had a WONDERFUL experience and the staff was so kind! The rooms are beautiful, clean and could not be more comfortable! What a wonderful place!! Loved every minute of it!
Tara W
Couldn't Be Happier! This is the second pregnancy I've had the joy of experiencing with Stork Vision! Both visits were extremely important to me because I got to share them with my loved ones! My doctor only allows one other person in the room for an ultrasound. During our first visit, my step kids came with to see their baby brother, and this last visit, my parents got to come! My parents got to see their very first ultrasound (they didn't get an opportunity like this when they were expecting, and this is their last grand baby)! So you can imagine the life changing experience this was for them to learn the gender of their last grand baby through their first ultrasound experience! And the staff was very warm and welcoming. To top it off, they printed a second copy of the best pictures of the baby for my parents to keep for their memories! Thank you so much for sharing such a big moment in our lives and making it so special!! :)
Emily R
Heartbeat Animal Package I decided to have a recording of the baby's heartbeat recorded as a surprise for my husband. He was very excited after hearing about all the things we would be able to do at the appointment. After having a miscarriage, pregnancy has been an emotional rollercoaster but having the little hippo with our baby's heartbeat makes us feel at ease. Missy was our technician and she was so wonderful with us. We loved seeing our little on the big screen, love all the pictures we got, and were so happy to have the CD so we could share the pictures with family. It was an amazing experience we are recommending to all our friends!
Allison H
A wonderful experience!! I can't say enough nice things about Stork Vision! I loved the entire experience! We wanted to find out gender early so we went in at 17 weeks with both my husband's and my parents. Both our moms never had ultra sounds while they were pregnant so we were very much looking forward to sharing this experience with them! I loved the atmosphere! The 60" TV was awesome! And the extra time the ultra sound tech took with getting our baby to look forward for some 3D face pictures was beyond what we expected. If I could I would go back every week! We all loved it! We are definitely planning to head back for a 30 week peak! :) I highly recommend Stork Vision and there wonderful staff!
Sarah R
MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! i went to Stork Vision after having read up online about their services. My doctor didn't have "time" to give me an ultrasound at my apt, and I would have had to wait another 4 weeks to have one done. I immediately scheduled my ultrasound with Stork Vision, and I was SO impressed with the overall quality of my visit there! First, the people there were absolutely amazing! Very friendly, personable, and down to earth. When I was taken back to the ultrasound room, I instantly noticed how "cozy" it was. You weren't in a clinic setting, it felt more like being in the comfort of your own home. There were couches available for family members, the bed for the client, and a large flat screen tv mounted on the wall for best viewing. I appreciated the most that I wasn't "rushed" She took her time with the ultrasound allowing me to see my son, and made it a memorable event for me. I had done the Gender Reveal package, and loved every minute of it. I received a full length DVD of the ultrasound. This one aspect alone was very influential in my decision to go with Stork Vision, as my husband is temporarily away and could not be there. Having DVD allowed us to share this special time together. The quality of the ultrasound was phenomenal! Along with the DVD I received a cd with many pictures, along with 10 hard copies to take home. The lady who did my ultrasound was so sweet, and you could tell she truly enjoys her job. I HIGHLY recommend Stork Vision! Even if you have awesome insurance that pays for ultrasounds, you can't beat the price of the packages for everything you receive, including the one on one attention!! They make the experience even more fun! I hope to return again at a later time. If not with this pregnancy, certainly with our next one! Thank you Stork Vision!!!!
Baby Ultrasound for Prince or Princess This place was SO great!!! The ultrasound room was so cozy and when you first came in and waited for your scheduled appt. they had refreshments etc. offered. The ultrasound tech was so sweet, really took her time and told me step by step our little girls body parts etc. They got some really good shots and it was only in 2D, yet we still got some good views of our little girl! When it was all said and done we paid for our wonderful service and then they let us go home with a CD loaded with all the pics of the ultrasound! I would DEFINITELY recommend it!!!
Nicole B
Awesome experience! Loved the staff at Stork Vision! Loved the attention my family was given and the clean, comfortable room. Wild highly recommend to everyone!
Hali J
, We had a wonderful experience at Stork Vision Omaha. The atmosphere was friendly and cozy but with plenty of room for my family to spread out and comfortably watch our little one on the big flat screen television. Our sonographer made us feel right at home and was so friendly and professional. She was just as excited as we were to see our little girl for the first time and worked very hard to get us the best pictures possible (our little one was being stubborn!). After our appointment, we left with a wonderful set of photographs, a CD of images, and a DVD of the whole experience; we couldn't wait to go through them all again when we got home. I highly recommend visiting Stork Vision Omaha!
3d ultrasound Loved it! It was so exciting and amazing to see our baby we got great pictures and had a great time. They were very nice and friendly people to work with would Definitely do it again and tell others about it!
Samantha G
Amazing job! I had the best experience the last 2 times I have been here! Had so much fun seeing my baby and also sharing the experience with everyone when I found out i was having a girl! Recommended to all moms, and I will be going back again!
Katherine M
absolutely amazing! I had the absolute best experience ever! She determined gender right away with no problem, was a very comfortable environment, and definitely worth the price! The one thing I loved the most is Theatre we got a DVD of our entire appointment! We are able to watch it over and over and again and show our family and friends!
Samantha Gookin
Amazing! I was so pleased with my experience here! It was so home like feeling and the staff was great! I recommend this to every mother to be! Seeing your little one is such a special thing, and with my husband being deployed, it was great to get him pictures! Prices are way worth it as well! I will be going back!
Amazing! I loved every minute of my experience with Stork Vision. Our tech was so friendly and got the cutest pictures of our baby doing a peace sign, thumbs up, etc. It was a great experience! Thank you!
Stacy B
AMAZING! We debated on doing this, the cost, the 2 hour drive for us to Omaha. But every single site we went on had all 5 star reviews. After our appointment we realized every single one of those reviews was well earned. The entire experience was great. The staff was amazing, they kept working with us until our little girl revealed herself :) It was a nice long appointment where we got to see a lot of things and the CD and DVD were great. We may have to go back!
Brittney C
Amazing!!!! I could not be happier with my experience with Stork Vision! Everyone there is so sweet and personable! I could not have asked for a between ultrasound tech! I just want to say thank you to the stork vision team for making our experience so wonderful!! I would highly recommend everyone to give this wonderful team a chance! Thanks again for making this wonder experience so memorable!
Amazing Experience This is a wonderful place to go. Everyone was friendly and knowledgable. I couldn't be happier!!!
Tayra R
Amazing experience My husband and I had the best time during our ultrasound. They were really friendly and made sure we enjoyed the whole process. From the start they make you feel like you are among friends. The ultrasound room is very comfortable and the huge TV screen turns your baby into a movie star, making it imposible to miss anything. We definitely recommend this place, you'll be happy with your visit. Also, they have a lot of cute things to enhance the experience. We have a lot of baby pictures and a stuff toy with a recording of our little boy's heartbeat. We'll love to go back!
Cali K
amazing experience I was so amazed by the comfortable and cute room you go in and the amount of sitting room for your friends and family. The lady doing the ultrasound was very nice and friendly and made the experience that much better. The quality of the pictures I got was better than what I had hoped for, and setting up an appointment was easy and fast. I definitely recommenD this place for anyone.
Kerry V
Amazing service! The tech was amazing! The experience was so much fun!! I cannot wait to go back when I'm 30 weeks! Very impressed!
Megan R
Amazing Service!!!! I cannot even begin to express how incredibly impressed we were with Stork Vision. We had a great time with Jessie and she really got us some great pictures of our little one. We will highly recommend Stork Vision to family and friends.
Holly R
Awesome experience!!! I found out my fourth child is a boy!!! This was my first visit to stork vision, I wish I had known about it with my first 3 children! It was a very family friendly atmosphere as I brought my 8,5,& 4 year olds with me and they loved seeing baby!!!!
Chelsea C
Easy scheduling, fun office! I was able to choose exactly what date and time I wanted my scan. It was so nice to be able to book it online. When my husband and I began our 3D scan, our little one wouldn't move his hands away from his face! They really tried to get a good photo, but when we were out of time they offered another appointment for no charge! This is a great, affordable ultrasound office. I wish I would've known about it when I was first pregnant! Will certainly use it if there is ever another baby!
Claire C
Gender Reveal We came in an did the gender reveal package. I was so impressed with the overall experience. Cathy was so friendly and her staff were very personable. The atmosphere was calm and inviting and very clean. We were so thrilled with our visit their and recommend you check it out! Well worth the money!
Great! I highly recommend stork vision to all of my friends! They take the time to explain the ultrasound and are extremely friendly! It comforts me to have a place like this that I can go in between my doctors ultrasounds!
Great Customer Service We had a 16 week gender ultrasound and it was a great experience. At 30 weeks, I was told that the gender was opposite of what I was originally told by an ultrasound tech on base, so I called Stork Vision right away. Cathy got us in within a couple hours and again confirmed that Stork Vision was correct. Cathy even gave us pictures to triple confirm. Thanks Stork Vision for the wonderful experience and reassuring us the correct gender before baby arrives.
Brittney L
Great Experience Our 16 week gender ultrasound was absolutely amazing! I love the idea of having a dvd video, our first two children we just have the single ultrasound photo from our Doctor. The staff at Stork Vision are warm, welcoming, &amp; helpful! Very positive experience.
Amy W
Great Experience! As soon as I reached my 16th week of pregnancy I was eager to find out the gender of our little peanut! Our ultrasound technician was thorough and even though baby wasn't very cooperative, she was patient and was eventually able to get a clear picture! It was a very comfortable atmosphere and there were toys available in the room for my 19-month-old to keep busy with. We even had a special request for them to call my mom because we were having a surprise gender reveal party, and they were very accommodating.
Amanda F
Great experience!!! I would recommend Stork Vision to any expecting mom! They take their time and show you everything they can!! You get a really good look at your babe a little early!! Very polite and a great relaxing atmosphere
Jennifer K
Loved it! Great experience! I would definitely recommend. Everybody was so nice and welcoming. It was an amazing thing getting to watch our little guy on a nice, big tv!!
Jeri N
Loved It!!! I had my first visit with Stork Vision to find out the gender of our third baby. The viewing room was spacious and comfortable and we enjoyed every minute of it! I definitely recommend Stork Vision for an elective ultrasound because the staff was very friendly and the experience was awesome! Thank you!!
Alex H
Nothing Like It Being pregnant with twins ultrasounds are a routine part of this pregnancy. Having the ability to actually see your babies instead of the normal measurement ultrasounds is something all moms should do! All of the staff is amazing and the facilities are perfect!
LaCyndria M
The Best Experience Ever I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was so friendly. I was very comfortable. The pictures were amazing. Thank You so much for making this a special time for my husband and I.
Lydia B
Thumbs up! We had a great experience, no complaints here!
Monica L
Visit on 2-17-15 This was an amazing experience for both my husband and myself. The staff were wonderful and helpful. This is our first and we had a little trouble "seeing" the images. The Technician was helpful and knowledgeable. We both walked away in complete awe. Thank you for this memorable experience.
Whitley K
Wonderful! I enjoyed visiting Stork Vision very much! the rooms were spacious and the bed was comfortable! The ultrasound tech knew just what to do to get my baby boy to show his goods! She made it very special for us! Thank you!
Connie K
Wonderful Experiance The receptionist was friendly, Jesse the ultrasound technician was very sweet and took a lot of great pictures!
Jessica B
Wonderful place! Amazing place and amazing service! They recognize how important those initial glimpses of your little one are and make sure that you are happy!
Melissa S
Worth every penny!!! This was the second time we have gone to Stork Vision to find out the gender of our baby, and our only regret is that we didn't do it with our first! :) The experience is so very different than that of the doctors office and allows you to just focus on seeing your baby for a long and entertaining 20 minutes and in our case finding out the sex 4 weeks earlier. The ultrasound tech was patient and treated it like it was fun and not what I am sure to be her 20,000th ultrasound. She seemed genuinely excited to see our son's little hands and such just as much as us! It was an amazing experience and would recommend it without a doubt!
Kim S
Best experience by far! The staff is always so welcoming! I have gone here for my past two pregnancies and would recommend this place to anyone. I brought my dad last time for the heartbeat package and he said he will remember that visit for as long as he lives. Best place around!
Timmatha G
My Opinion I loved that I got so long just to see my little one! It was amazing to have somebody care what parts and angles i wanted to see also!
Dashel L
Gender determination I has an amazing experience!!!!
Stork vision I really enjoyed my ultrasound at stork vision. It was home like and a reasonable price. All the workers where polite. I would definitely recommended my friends and family. Keep up the great work you ladies do.
Alicia M
Thank You! What a wonderful experience. Very comfortable and inviting environment. The staff were very friendly and upbeat. We can't wait to come back for our next visit. Thank you for making our experience so memorable!!
Kathleen B
Great experience! I loved it here! It was a calm environment and the ENTIRE staff was so kind! Would definitely recommend you to anyone!!!
Alicia B
Positive experience The room was relaxing and the large television made viewing out little one super easy and fun. I will be back for a 4D session for sure
Awesome 3D/4D Photo Experience Stork Vision's pictures of our child were amazing. Their service was splendid. Most of all, they continually looked for great vantage points for pictures, they just did not rely on one angle, or spot like I've seen else where. Also, we arrived 35 minutes early, and they saw us early than our scheduled appointment. I will be back for our next child.
Maria C
Great Service and Great Facilities The service is great! They actually opened the store on an off day so that my mom who was visiting from overseas could see her grandchild for the first time. The appointment was super fast and they were alos nice enough to give second copies of the pictures to my mom. Thank you for being so accomodating. I recommend Stork Vision to anyone and everyone I meet.
Rebecca C
Such a Wonderful Experience Cathy the owner is so friendly and polite! The girl that did our ultra sound was very sweet and very determined in finding out our babies gender. We did not feel rushed at all and she did such a good job considering our baby was hiding in a ball.
Samantha R
Great Experience This was a great experience and we really enjoyed finding out gender early and also seeing our son&#39;s face later in my pregnancy. Staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating. I have and will continue to suggest that people go to Stork Vision.
Great Experience! We truly had a wonderful experience at Stork Vision. The staff was very friendly, the room was so comfortable, and of course, the best part was getting to see our baby in such great detail. Completely worth the price!
Liza S
EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE! These Ladies are so wonderful!! I had a great time seeing my baby and getting the great news on babys gender. Both ladies are very nice and make you feel right at home. The ultrasound room is very comfortable and relaxing. I would recommend this place to everyone I know. Thanks a ton Stork Vision!!!
Rachelle P
Great Experience!! Had such a great experience staff is super friendly! And they care about you and baby! My baby was being stubborn hiding his face and they did there absolute best to get him out of hiding. husband and I are very pleased!! :)
Nichole W
Amazing It was an amazing experience! I would not change a thing!
Shayla L
Wonderful experience We went to Stork Vision to determine the gender of our fourth and final impending bundle of joy! The room was so comfortable and spacious. Amazing view of baby on the HUGE monitor. They were very accommodating to our other small children we brought along :) Very pleased with our experience!!!
Breanne W
Great experience My husband and I were very pleased with our 3D ultrasound. Our baby was hidden, and the tech was great at finding her little face. She was fun and engaging and we got GREAT pictures. I highly recommend getting a 3D ultrasound and I will be booking a large package with more sessions for our next baby. Stork image has a relaxing and comfortable environment, professional and kind staff, and provides a high quality service. I highly recommend!!
Janelle C
Great experience! We recently visited Stork Vision and were immediately impressed by the spacious room and HUGE tv that was in the room! There was plenty of seating and even had toys to keep my toddler entertained during the appointment. I was highly impressed by their set up and seeing my baby smile on their huge tv made every cent well spent. I would highly recommend them!
Kristen M
Friendly, comfortable place. The ultrasound room is very welcoming, and they had toys for my one-year-old to play with as I got my ultrasound. The bed was very comfortable, with a memory foam top. The technician was very sweet. We traveled from Grand Island and it was worth the 2.5 hour drive.
Dana S
It couldn't be better!! Our experience as a family was amazing! My husband an I are very happy with the great service. It is a very relaxing and exciting place where many emotions are involved. They receive you with a big smile and a very friendly environment, they are kid friendly and you can take the whole family and friends to get to see the new little one on the way. In our case we wanted to assure if it was a boy or a girl because our Dr. couldn't say for sure. It is a boy!! And Stork vision gave us an amazing picture of that as a proof :-) In the ultrasound room they have a large TV screen where every member of the family and friends can enjoy the images sitting on the couches, there is plenty room for everyone! The attention was incredible, the quality of the images in the CD, the DVD and the printed pictures is perfect! You can enjoy the details of your little one before he or she is out in the world. I personally think this experience made my life better, and when I need to find the courage that sometimes I can't see inside me, I just look at my Stork Vision ultrasound pictures and become strong again! If you are wondering if you should do it or not, if you should invest that money in "just pictures", think they are not "just pictures", they are the images of your creation, and having them in front of you it's already a miracle! We got the Platinum two visits and we can't wait until our 30th week to see our baby in 3D!!
Brooke W
very impressed Had an excellent experience. Both front desk staff and ultrasound tech were very nice to our family. Would highly recommend to others!
Tracy B
GREAT!!!!!! Great atmosphere and great gals working!!
Paige Peterson
5 star experience we had a GREAT experience at stork vision the owner even came in on a Sunday to do my 3d ultrasound! my baby girl was stubborn as well but she made sure she got good pictures and extended the time for appointment from like 20 minutes to a hour ! good business i highly recommend !
Danielle C
Great Experience! We had so much fun & I am so glad we went to Stork Vision! I would recommend to everyone! :)
Awesome place!! We had the best experience at Stork Vision! The owner made us feel so welcome and the scheduler did a great job accommodating our schedule! The room was warm, cozy, and inviting! Our two boys felt so comfortable being there with us and were very entertained by the toys provided. We will definitely be recommending Stork Vision to every pregnant family we know, and we will be back next pregnancy!! Thank you Stork Vision!
Dashel L
Rescan I was told boy at 16 weeks here, I was wasn't confident with the answer because my doctor wouldn't confirm! Stork Vision understood and offered me a re scan at 19 weeks! The tech was 99.9 confident I'm my boy! Received anatomy scan yesterday he was 100% boy! I had the best experience u plan on scheduling my 3d scan in August! Amazing company!!!!!
Sabrina J
Gender Check keeping a secret I am so sorry but I do not remember our tech's name but she was the most wonderful, kind person. She made me laugh and kept it a total secret and put it in an envelope for us. Love the experience. It was wonderful to our unborn child.
Jessica S
Awesome!!! Totally worth the money spent! I believe our ultrasound tech's name was Megan, and she was wonderful. She was fun, sweet, and made the experience great! I love that they give military discount and also a discount for if you want to come back. The facility is clean and nice. Really enjoyed it and my daughter loved their basket of toys! Kept her happy and busy while we looked at our second baby on the big screen :)
Crystal A
Awesome place! The sofas and bed are really comfortable. They took their time to make sure 100% the sea of the baby. The staff is really nice and they all have a great attitude. I got the package with the 5 visits and I can say it was money well spent.
Stubborn girl! We loved our experience here! We went at 16 weeks for our baby's gender reveal. Our baby was so stubborn and wouldn't uncross her legs throughout the appointment! The lady was so patient and helped to get her moving with just minutes left in our appointment! (We had a gender reveal party with our family that night and would have had to cancel!) Everyone was very friendly and it was an exciting time :) I would definitely recommend my friends to head here to find out the sex a little early!
Connie C
Wonderful Carrie did our ultrasound and she was absolutely wonderful!!! You can tell she really enjoys what she does. Made us feel at ease and even more excited about our new Baby Girl!!!
Meredith C
Great Visit!! My husband and I were very happy with our visit. The customer service we received was wonderful. We enjoyed the time spent viewing the monitor. As long as things were not mistaken....then this visit was perfect!!! ;-) Thank you so much.
Jennifer K
30week 4D Our experience at Stork Vision was awesome! The sonographer was great at explaining to my family and I what we were looking at and she had a great sense of humor. I would highly recommend this to any pregnant woman. You won't get this experience at your doctors office.
Chelsey T
Great Services My husband and I had a great time visiting Stork Vision. We had just moved into the area and wanted to get 3D pictures done like we did with our son, but our hospital did not offer this service. We were so excited to find out that Stork Vision was nearby and would be able to give us the pictures that we wanted to celebrate our next little one. We had some troubles getting my little one to turn around so that we could get some pictures, but the technician worked with us. Since she didn't have another appointment in the slot right after ours, she let us stay so we could continue trying to get more pictures rather than having to travel back to Omaha another day. We finally got some great pictures and we couldn't be happier! This was a great experience and we would recommend Stork Vision to anyone looking for great customer service and fantastic pictures!
Beth F
Wonderful!! My husband and I recently had a 4D ultrasound of our little guy at 25 weeks at Stork Vision in Omaha and we had an amazing experience! Not only are the images amazing and so clear but the staff and customer service is exceptional! I would 100% recommend this to soon to be parents!!
Highly recommend Very good experience! Staff was very friendly and made the experiment very comfortable
Angella D
Wonderful experience! After a disappointing experience at our 20 week ultrasound my husband and I were looking for way to see the view of our baby and have the experience that we were unable to get before. Stork Vision provided that for us and so much more. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. The living room like feel made my husband and myself feel very comfortable. Then the real magic happened! The images we got to see of our little baby were just amazing. The staff did everything they could to show us every angle of our baby and we never felt rushed. The pictures and video we got to take home were excellent quality and our family and friends were blown away by how great the images were. I would recommend Stork Vision to pregnant family and friends. We are so glad we did this and can't thank the staff enough for this amazing experience.
Jamie G
Highly Recommend! Loved our visit to Stork Vision! Staff was so prompt and friendly! The ultrasound room is so big our 3 and 7 year old had plenty of room to hang while we did our gender scan! Wish I would have done this for our first two pregnancies!
It was great! I went in for a 2D ultrasound to determine gender at 18 weeks. Baby was being a little shy and was in all sorts of awkward positions. I was starting to get upset because I had been looking forward to finding out for so long but the staff at Stork Vision were SO patient and persistent and it paid off - we got our gender determined and it was such a wonderful experience! We also purchased a heartbeat bear after seeing how cute they were -- worth every penny :o)
We loved our experience at Stork Vision! It was amazing to see our little man in 3d/4d. I'm glad that I was able to share this experience with my family. The atmosphere of the entire place is very warm and welcoming!
Shantell S
Great Family Experience Our experience at Stork Vision Omaha was excellent. The staff are very friendly and make everyone so excited about the bundle of joy on the way. I recommend them to anyone expecting!
Worth Every Penny!!!!! Thanks so much, Stork Vision! We were absolutely satisfied with our ultrasound and would recommend Stork Vision to friends and family - in fact, we already have! Not only finding out the gender early, but being able to watch in a comfortable and "non-rushed" environment made it all worth it! Thank you!
WE LOVED OUR VISIT! We sincerely loved our visit to Stork! It was a very touching and meaningful expression to share with our children. The kids loved getting to see their new baby sister on the screen! We recommend Stork for everyone!
Tiffany D
A great experience I would recommend every family share this great experience. Such a friendly place with a great staff!!!
review I absolutely LOVED the place. Nice staff and nice atmosphere. I would recommend stork vision to everyone
Sara H
Best Experience I would reccommend this place to everyone. Our hospitcal was unable to tell us the gender so we thought we would try this place out. They went above and beyound what we thought they would do for us. So thrilled with this place!
Jennifer K
It was an enjoyable time. We just found out the gender of our baby at an elective ultrasound at Stork Vision. The room was very clean and comfortable and the tech was very personable. I would recommend this service and company to anyone!
Carmel L
Best Investment Ever! At first, I wasn't going to do an elective ultrasound because of cost and I am able to have an ultrasound once a month. After further research on stork vision, I figured, maybe I will get more out of this type of ultrasound experience than I do at my doctor's office! So, I gave it a try and it was so worth it! The people at stork vision are so friendly it almost feels like they've known me forever! The ultrasound room is comfortable, so much so that it feels like your in your own living room! The amount of time spent seeing your child on the big screen is just so worthwhile that I have already recommended this place to my pregnant friends! You definitely will not get this experience in the hospital. It is definitely worth the time and money to do this!
Wonderful Experience It was great to be able to get an extra glimpse of our baby boy. I was on the fence about making an appointment because of the distance and cost, but it was definitely worth it. It eased a lot of my anxiety to see him, and being able to bring other family was great. The pictures and video make me smile every time I look at them! The staff was great and I appreciate that they answered my questioned and shared in our excitement!
Dayna V
Great place! I had such a good time at stork vision I got to see my beautiful baby boy and my husband got to see also over Skype he is in the military and deployed overseas and they were very patient while I was trying to connect with him over Skype. The rooms are nice and comfortable although I just had my mom with me, there is room for many people in the room. The people were very nice and I would recommend storm vision to all my friends who are pregnant!
Morgan S
3D/4D Ultrasound My ultrasound experience with Stork Vision was AMAZING! Such nice people! It was a wonderful combination of comfortable and lovely environment. It was pricey but well worth every penny! Our baby girl is so beautiful and Stork Vision did a perfect job capturing her! I have no complaints! Thanks guys. :)